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Artist Statement

"For me, Art is a truly high-finished custom to live life. Each of our act counts on arts, our customs, traditions and all culture build upon Art. A society without Art becomes barbarity and atrocity. To me, Art is a softer side of life.
I am an abstract artist, in my works plays a role, Art and Science Juxtaposing, enhancing my works. Working with chemicals on silver and gold surfaces’ unexpected results allows me to produce unique, spontaneous and instinctive works. Building layer upon layer, balancing colours, tones, depth and motion, is similar to creating a harmony.
At first, I have scattered, shapes, ideas, lines, textures and each piece evolves slowly, sometimes taking months, which undergo my process of painting and comes out as a result, similar to a finished jigsaw.
My work emancipates my imagination and provides many opportunities to create precious art pieces." -Abid Hasan

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